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Other Passions

During my time at UCLA, I learned that understanding theater and the art of storytelling goes beyond performance alone. Writing and directing throughout my college experience allowed me to interact with theater on a more holistic level, and has influenced who I am as an actor and theater artist. 



Second Summer: A Gregory Moss Project

Throughout college, I had the opportunity to work on the play Indian Summer alongside amazing actors (who also happened to be my best friends). This project enabled me to engage with directing as a form of storytelling and pushed me to grow as an artist. You can watch the play here, and view the program here. 


"The Women's Project" 

Created entirely during the COVID-19 pandemic, "The Women's Project" began as a devised theater piece and transformed into a full length film. It was spurred by a conversation about womanhood and the ways in which we are challenged and empowered on a day to day basis. Inspired by the stories of the incredible women around me, I combined our lived experiences in the writing of a script detailing the lives of six young women as they navigate a typical day. Alongside two other writers, I am grateful for this opportunity to use writing to share important stories.

You can watch the film on Youtube here. 

W Project.JPG
Painted Ladies 2.jpeg


The Painted Ladies

As a music lover to the most intense degree, I have always dreamed of creating a band. When I am not performing or studying, I am usually writing songs on my guitar. I decided to audition for Spring Sing 2022, the biggest talent competition at UCLA alongside my friends Addison, Amy Lyn, and Jeilani. We named ourselves "The Painted Ladies" and performed our original song "Birmingham Again" to a crowd of over 5,000 people in May of 2022! We won both the Bruin Choice and Judges Choice awards. It was truly an incredible experience. You can read more about it here and watch a video here!

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