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My name is Sophie Shapiro and I am a dancer turned actress originally from Lake Tahoe, Nevada. As the youngest to three headstrong big brothers, when I wasn’t racing them skiing down the mountain, I was entering imaginary worlds through reading or adventuring in my backyard. Art has always been a part of my life: both of my grandma’s are music teachers and thus everyone in the family had to play not one, but two instruments growing up. Music is the love language of the Shapiro family, and I sport the classic rock music knowledge of a typical boomer (and the classic lit knowledge of a typical octogenarian). My inclination to play pretend was only increased when my family moved to Redondo Beach, California when I was 15. Spending time in Los Angeles left me to fall in love with acting, in addition to constantly being sunburnt from too much time at the beach. Now at 21 years old, my passion for storytelling has fused with a commitment to meaningful social change. I currently work for Young Storytellers, a nonprofit that lives at this intersection. You can read more about my nonprofit work here. In the future,  I hope to continue performing in pieces that amplify under-told stories, as well as to keep soaking up the sun and navigating life as an old soul. 

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